Gardening magazines HAVE ALL BEEN TAKEN

If anyone wants some new (to them) gardening magazines to peruse this winter, please let me know. Many, many good magazines to share once more before the recycle bin.


I’m sure you’ll get lots of takers for these. If there are leftovers, the Opportunity Table folks could likely use them in the spring.

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I just joined the Club last week…new to the island… would love any magazines on Bulb planting tips for area etc… Anita

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Welcome to the Island and the CVHS Anita! You can look through past posts on the Forum and Linda Gilkeson may have mentioned bulbs in one of her posts. Otherwise, post a question and I am sure many of our members will respond with their experience and advice!

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Hi Elizabeth … was wondering if their is any of your magazines left? I am attending first zoom meeting on November 20th…thank-you Anita T.

Thanks Gordon…attending first zoom meeting on November 20th…so excited!!

Hi Anita:

It is “jballantyne51” who has the magazines, not me. If you hit the “reply” box right under her original message, she will get your message. Otherwise she might not see this.


Hello. I am new to club…Attending first zoom meeting on November 20th…due you have any magazines left… and if so were are you located…Thanks-In-Advance. Anita t

Thank-you… Blind as bat… Sorry…Anita T

Sorry but all the magazines have been picked up.