Gardening lover volunteer wanted

I am looking for a volunteer who would like to help my 96 year old Grandmother keep up a dwindling but previously extensive and and well known garden on Rennison Road in the Valley?

Lois is, and always has been, an avid gardener and floral provider for St. George’s Church, St. Joseph’s Hospital and countless wedding/funeral occasions in the Valley for over 70 years.

We are trying to get her to stop bending over to pull at weeds and those “darn horsetails” whilst puttering outside with her walker!!! (I got all the allergies in the DNA so I’m not the candidate for the garden legacy!)

If there is someone who really loves all things gardens, plants, flowers etc etc you would be great friends and a tremendous help to a wonderful lady who always loves to educate, everyone and anyone, on all things botanical.

If you know her please feel free to go help weed, beautify, and restore the glory for her to admire. If you don’t know her contact me at and I’ll introduce you!!

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