Garden Mesh Covers?

I need some advice please…I bought a roll of row cover material in the spring and it worked great but fell apart after 2 months. I bought some different row cover material that was a bit heavier and it is still good after about 4 months. I am building another raised garden bed for the winter and will be using a row cover again. Is there a better alternative to the one I purchased that would last me at least a couple of years? What kind do you use, where do you get it? Is there a “permanent cover” - except plastic and of course, an actual greenhouse (which would be a dream of mine…not so much my husband’s as he will have to build it for me:). thank you!

I with you on this Adena, I purchased the same stuff that seems to disintegrate into micro-plastic after a very short period of sunlight. I’ve been combing the thrift stores for old cotton sheets which I might be able to rig up as row covers next year. Fortunately I already have the greenhouse but row cover material is in short supply.

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Lee Valley sells various types of row covers, (check them out here ), including remay and sturdier varieties. You might find something there that would work for you.

Otherwise, I purchase summer and winter weight remay from a place in Quebec. the only problem you will get several hundred feet for several hundred dollars. Probably a bit much. I always find the remay sold in the garden centres are too short or too narrow for what I want, which is why I went for the bulk order.

Hope this helps.


I bought some mosquito netting from Lee Valley which I use to protect the Cherry tree from the birds, the plum tree and grape vines from the raccoons. Much better than that “bird netting” available at garden centres, which is a pain to put over a tree and disintegrates in one season. It is fairly large (it is currently on the plum tree which is about 10 feet high) with nice seaming all around. There are also some available on Amazon too.


Sorry for the extra post, but here is the link to the mosquito netting at Lee Valley: