Garden Harvest - PIES!

So many apples and pears. As there are only the 2 of us, a large pie is too much; I wanted to make some little pies for the freezer. Rather than use the small disposable aluminum pie tins, I decided to make them in my large muffin pans. Once made, they popped out easily and I vacuumed sealed them, (you could also put them into a large freezer bag). Take out what you want, put them back into the muffin tin and bake. I don’t pre-bake before freezing, but I do let them thaw completely before baking; works great. I know, little pies, no leftovers for breakfast!


Great idea Darlene. I’ll look for that large muffin tin - great size for 2 people!

Wonderful idea. Have never frozen pies uncooked so will try.
Cheers, Carole.

PS - you need to freeze them in the muffin tins and then pop them out.

When ready to bake - I remove them from the freezer and let them thaw in the muffin tins and then bake.