Fuchsia overwintering

Ideas for overwintering tender Fuschia plants? Do you remove all leaves, cut down, spray for whitefly or aphids. Would they survive sunk in ground in a large unheated hoop house?

I bring two or three fushia plants indoors in their pots, cut old stems back, and keep the plants growing. Some old leaves will fall off. In January new growth will start. I cut 3 to 4 inch stems of new growth for rooting new plants, and that allows branching of the old plant. So by next March or April I have old plants bushy, budding and ready to go out, and up to 30 new stem cuttings for new planters, or planting out in flower beds. The stem cuttings in water start new roots in 3 to 5 days.

So far no whitefly or aphid problems. First sign of them and the plant goes back outside…bugs not allowed inside to affect other houseplants.


I do pretty much the same. I take mine inside and they survive even with not to much light. I don’t think they would survive in an unheated hub house. Good luck with your fuchsias.

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