Free Dogwood Tree

We planted a young dogwood tree (white flowers) in the wrong spot in our yard 2 years ago. I don’t have a suitable spot with enough shade for it. I’m looking for someone who wants to dig it up and give it a better home. No charge for the tree if you are willing to come dig it out, use tarps to keep the surrounding gravel clean and take it away.


Hello Penny, how large is it? And do you know how large it is expected to get? Thank you!

The tree is about 8 feet tall I am guessing - maybe 9 feet. If you want to drive buy to have a look, I can get my address to you. I just signed up so I don’t know what is the proper way to do this. Would you let me know please.

Thanks for your interest, tree is so so pretty once leaves come out. Unfortunately it is just too hot there and the leaves curl and I spend a lot of time worry about it. So, it needs a new home.

Hi again.

Sorry, I don’t know expected height.

Hello Penny, I’d love to take a look but am also very new to this forum so I’m not sure how you can contact me privately to let me know your address.

If anyone reading this knows how, please post. Thanks!

A friend suggested you give me your email address. How is that? I promise to remove it from computer when finished contacting each other. Up to you.

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FYI it’s very easy to reply privately to someone on these forums, so you don’t need to share emails or anything else really. All you do is click on the person’s name/id at the top of their posting and click the blue ‘message’ button. That way you are replying just to them, privately, and they can reply back privately as well. Easy peasy!

Thank you Kim! I saw that button but wasn’t sure if it was the right one…

Thanks Kim,
Appreciate your help.
Happy snow day, Penny

I’m wondering how ‘curled’ the leaves are – Dogwood leaves are quite curved normally and it may be just doing its thing. Our neighbours have a pink and a white dogwood, and when the trees were younger they were quite concerned. The trees are doing fine and put on a great spring display.

Thanks for your thoughts but we asked 2 nurseries about its condition and we worked all spring thru fall drip watering, hose watering to no avail, it is just far
to hot in our front yard for it. So, I would certainly keep it if I could, my favourite tree the dogwood.

Sigh. Sometimes we just have to be kind to our plants - location, location, location. I hope you find it a good home!

Thanks. I hope it will be a good home. The first tree I bought for our home as I loved them so much so,…sigh I agree.

Hi, having trouble getting thru to u. Next weekend is fine. Just come ahead if you can’t get thru to us.


Thank you Penny, we’re planning on Sunday.

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