FOXGLOVE or what?

Is this some type of foxglove? It’s about 1 foot high but I don’t know what’s going on with the top flower, totally different from the others…

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We had one that was very similar! Just the one, amongst at least 100 foxgloves throughout our garden. First time we’ve seen this.

Thanks for responding! I wonder if we will ever know why? So many knowledgeable people out there I’m sure someone knows something ha! We will wait and see…

This is very bizarre! If you have time, you should try to keep some seed and see what happens with that. I did a google search and could find nothing…but not really sure if I’m using good search parameters! “Digitalis with different top flower”… Hmmm…perhaps I could find clearer language. Either way, this is interesting!

Good idea about the seeds thankyou…isn’t Mother Nature fantastic!!

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This phenomenon is called “fasciation”. It can be caused by frost damage, an injury to the growth tip…even by genetic mutation or a hormonal imbalance in some of the plant’s cells.
Nature can certainly be strange!


Thanks for this! So much to learn…I did look it up and pretty amazing the strange blooms that are produced sometimes. Much appreciated!

Fasciation sometimes will affect the stem of a plant. Had a woman email me a photo of her hosta. Looked really strange…flower coming out of the middle of the plant and leaves tight to the stem. Like I said…nature can be really strange sometimes.

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I think I know that lady! Was it Brenda? If so, I saw that Hosta too…and It was very strange looking.

Yes. It was Brenda’s hosta. Unfortunately, we have been unable to ID which hosta it is…even if it would grow properly. It should return to normal next year. Be surprised if it doesn’t as it will be a whole new growing season.

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Don’t think I responded!! Many thanks for the info…