Favourite No-name tool

This one has a name and don’t recall where I got it but they are around. It has been my go-to tool for years for numerous garden tasks from weeding tiny spaces between plants, and between rows, deeper digging to remove underground roots, loosening soil, digging potatoes, making rows for seeds and seedlings, edging garden beds and digging small holes for transplants. The only downside as it is with most tools, is its lack of color when ‘misplaced’ in the garden. When I temporarily ‘lost’ it in the jungle, I immediately bought a 2nd one. Found the ‘lost’ one the next day in my compost . . and decided to gift the new one to my husband . . . as an incentive, of course. Now I have two!


That’s one wicked looking tool!

Yes, imagine it could have a few other uses if it was within reach at the right time …:frowning:

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Think it’s called a crack or crevice weeder. Very handy.

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