Fall Color in our Gardens

My 30 year old Katsura (Cercidiphyllum Japonicum). Nice to have the yellow orange leaves, however short lived with the rain.


So beautiful! Does it smell lovely too?

Here is our ~10 year old katsura. We prune it pretty aggressively to keep its size in balance with a small yard. It’s also gorgeous in early spring.


Beautiful, does it have a scent in the fall when the leaves turn?

Very slight…thanks for asking, got me to pause and think about autumn smells.

These little cyclamen have just started to bloom. Lovely with the fall leaves.


These are beautiful…are they a special kind of cyclamen that naturalizes? Or are they just the regular indoor plant that can be bought as a houseplant? Just love them!

I forgot to clean up some seed stalks from the hostas around my pond, noticed the Juncos making quite a meal of them. Next year I will leave them all. Good organic food for the winter months.

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I too noticed that the juncos and pine siskins are eating the seeds from the Bluebeard and Astilbe - both of which I neglected to prune back. Now that I know that the birds like to eat them, I’ll leave them longer.

I, too, didn’t know that there was a cyclamen that would grow outdoors here.

The cyclamen are for outdoors, the houseplant ones will not survive the winters. I believe I got them from Art Knapps, bought a few varieties that bloom at different times of the year and they are spreading naturally.

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