Evergreen FOOT TRAFFIC/WALKABLE groundcovers

Wondering about the following groundcovers in Comox/Courtenay/Cumberland - are they truly evergreen?
How well do they actually tolerate foot traffic?

  • Isotoma fluviatilis - Blue Star Creeper
  • Leptinella - Brass Buttons
  • Ajuga - Bugleweed
  • Veronica filiformis - Creeping Speedwell

Open to any other suggestions of low creeping rhizomatous walkable plants. :slight_smile:
(P.S. I’m aware they spread vigorously. They will be contained.)


I don’t think Wooly thyme is rhizomatous (?) but I’ve found that it’s incredibly durable (it and other forms of the very low growing thyme). This area was planted (sparsely) three years ago and I think it’ll be completely filled in this year. It takes a fair bit of foot traffic without being bothered at all.


I grew wooly thyme, in Kitimat, and it thrived to the point that I had to give it haircuts to see the rock slabs underneath.

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This is so true! I have to edge the thyme at least once a year.

Marvelous, thanks Lorna!