Earwigs in dahlias

Does anyone have a good method for controlling earwigs in dahlias?

Below is from Catherine Featherby’s talk at a recent CVHS meeting. I haven’t tried it but Catherine knows a thing or two about Dahlias so it should help! See the CVHS March 22, 2022 Facebook post if you need more info

“One very interesting strategy Cathrine shared for helping with bad-bug warfare was the earwig trap (see pictures below). Invert a plastic seedling pot with a paper napkin tucked inside on top of a bamboo stake and place it in your garden near a plant you want to protect. As you can see from the photo, earwigs will hide in the napkin during the day. You can choose their fate once they are trapped—they make wonderful food for our beneficial tree frog population! “

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thanks Lorna. I’ve been trying this for the past few weeks and am getting earwigs. I’m finding I’m catching even more by going out with a flashlight after dark and shaking them out of the flowers into some soapy water.

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