Dreamy Wisteria


Little did I know what a show stopper wisteria was when I inserted myself into the middle of this plant to give it a good pruning during the first winter at our new property. I knew nothing about wisteria and how beautiful it was…and how heavenly it smelled (thank heaven for YouTube). Apparently you can’t kill it easily—I took a LOT of limbs off—and it likes being treated fairly harshly. What a glorious tree/vine…I feel like I’m in a fairy tale when I walk through the garden gate.


love the clematis too…great combination with such a majestic wysteria

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our white wisteria has been killed back by 90% (no idea why). I was amazed, thought they were so tough. However, it’s popping up in two spots a couple of metres from the mother plant.

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Absolutely Awesome!!