Down among the winter squash

These are our winter squash this year. We usually get enough to last until March or April. Last year we saved the seed from our favourite varieties to plant out but in past years we’ve just let them grow wherever they came up from the seed in our compost that we spread around in the spring. The deer got in this year and destroyed most of the rest of the veggies so we only have garlic, onions, potatoes, carrots and rutabagas. They don’t touch the squash. Peas, beans and lettuce all gone and they even ate the tops off the carrots and rutabagas as well as the tops of the tomatoes and even the rhubarb leaves!


That looks like a good crop of squash! Interesting about the deer - seems their tastes are variable. I have heard good reports about using Bobex to deter the dear.

I’m not comfortable using Bobex on the edibles. It does work fairly well on the ornamentals but it’s easier just to not grow the ones they like to browse.