Did a rat just eat my cabbages?

strong textI have been diligently checking (usually daily) on my winter cabbages & brussel sprouts only to find them gone the other day! My only clues are some poop left behind (see on the cabbage photo, on the leaf) & some pretty substantial stems chewed down. There were some baby slugs that I found but my question is what can take these big veggies down overnight? Could it be rats? Google says rats won’t eat purple cabbages but 2 of mine were purple.

I was wondering if maybe a rabbit.

That looks like rat poo unfortunately. Rabbit poo is rounder I think.

I’d have to agree with Lorna, that the droppings look like rat. There is a big rat problem on the
Island, unfortunately. I suppose it could be a combination of critters too.

cabbage is a favourite of rats. last summer and fall they demolished all our cabbages. we trapped about 20 rats in the veggie garden.

Sadly I think you are right. I did hear Arzeena say voles to someone else asking but whether voles or rats I’m probably in the same scenerio. Thanks for all feedback!

What a shame! Did they eat the purple cabbages as well (if you had some)?

Thank you, our compost pile (even though it is enclosed) might have to go :cry:

Unfortunate is right!! Thanks though

we only had green cabbage, but they also demolished our broad beans and peas completely, but left the kale untouched - my husband says they must have a discerning palate, lol! :joy:

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