Devil's Walking Stick - Great Summer/Fall Tree

We have a Devil’s Walking Stick in our garden that we, the bees and the birds love. It blooms in late summer providing welcome nectar late in the season for bees. The blossoms develop into tasty berries at this time of the year for a variety of birds to enjoy including robins, flickers, house finches and towees. It has spines, hence it is a tree the best suits a corner of the garden.


Thank you for posting this. It is the mystery tree I have seen and admired along the Royston seaside trail.

There is another small tree that is similar to Devil’s Walking Stick (Aralia spinosa) with white flowers and small fruits - Elderberry (Sambucus sp.). There are quite a few of them around. One way to tell them apart is that Elderberry doesn’t have any spines. We hope to plant several of the latter in our yard for the bees and birds too.