CVHS Sauerkraut Making Workshop with Gordon Stewart

Are you at a loss as to what to do with a bumper cabbage crop? Or a bumper crop of some other vegetables? This workshop will introduce you to the wonderful art of lacto-fermentation, and how it can be used to preserve not only the crop but the nutritional value of the vegetable.

Participants will have the opportunity to make a small batch of sauerkraut to take home, and to sample some pre-made batches of various kinds.

Date & Time: September 9, 2023 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

Participants: 10 people

Cost: $15 members or $20 non-members

Fore more information, or to register, please click on the following

What a great workshop! If anyone is hesitating to sign up for the second session, don’t! Our jars are actively burbling away and we’re trying to decide where we’ll put a two or three gallon crock for our next batch.
Thanks to both Gordon and Linda.


Another workshop is being offered due to popular demand! This one on September 30, 2023. Please see our website for more information or to register


Darn it, I have another commitment that day or I would love to take this workshop!

Another fermentation experiment started today, inspired by Gordon’s sauerkraut workshop! We’ve invested in a 5 litre crock (with a water seal) and trying a cabbage beet horseradish kraut.