Critter visitors to my garden

The areas that we’ve left wild in our small acreage allows for a lot of visitors to the garden. But the smallest spots of nature in the city attract wildlife too! I’d love to see what critters others find in their gardens. Here’s a small sampling of our visitors…


Awesome! I aspire to live on an acreage one day for exactly this reason. Great photos! I lived on Salt Spring Island for a year and we had all kinds of visitors there… raccoons, snakes, frogs, tons of hummingbirds and even a river otter once. Now we’re in town the ‘wildlife’ visiting my garden is a bit more urban :man_facepalming:

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The much maligned rodent! Are those mice or baby rats?

I assumed baby rats at first but have since decided they’re mice, mainly because they creep me out less :smile:

:laughing: oh yes I see!

Hello, Sunny Sunday to all. I don’t mind what critters visit our unfenced property in East Courtenay, but I do mind when others complain or kill wild animals that ‘trespass’. They were most likely here before you showed up and after forest and wildlife were sacrificed to build our homes. Then you came along and planted food for them - grass, flowers, shrubs, bird feeders. Just leave them alone. Build fences for your property or garden if needed but just stop complaining about our wildlife, introduced or indigenous. Thanks for the chance to finally have a rant about this pet peeve of mine.

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Wouldn’t it be illegal to kill any wild animals within the city limits? Of course people do kill things like slugs and bugs all of the time. And when I hear rifle shots out here in Black Creek where I am, I only hope that they are using them to scare away animals that could be preying on their livestock or messing up their crops, instead of actually killing anything. There’s too much killing of all kinds of things I think, both fauna and flora.

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This sand wasp species, Bembix americana comata, is a regular visitor to our garden. They are good guys.


@duchessofdirt good to know! I’ve seen these before and wondered. The stripes are alarming even if they don’t seem ill-tempered.

@duchessofdirt thank you for this…so often we see this type of bug and immediately think bad guy. He/she sure is gorgeous. :two_hearts: