Cottonseed meal

Just finished reading Ruth Stout’s amazing book and wondering if anyone knows where I can buy cottonseed or soybean meal? Thank you!

You could try Shar-Kare in Courtenay, Black Creek Farm and Feed in Black Creek, or Buckerfields in Parksville.

Notes from my own research and experience…
Because of the possible GMO factor in cotton and soybean, I now use alfalfa meal which is available from Black Creek Farm and Feed, and probably Shar-Kare and possibly Gardenworks. Alfalfa meal actually has the added benefit of phosphorus, potassium, sulfur and magnesium…along with the nitrogen. Cottonseed meal contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. P.S. Love Ruth Stout’s book!


Thank you so much!
Ya they are all out and Shar-Kare hasn’t been able to get any for a year! Weird. Tracked some down though.

Thank you so much they are all out but found some finally!!

Shar-Kare (on Old Island Highway) said they had Alfalfa bales when I was in on February 1. Not sure how big that would be.