Coastal Invasive Species Committee

The Coastal Invasive Species Committee (Coastal ICS) includes the areas of Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the Sunshine Coast and its mission is to reduce the negative impacts of invasive alien species by outreach and education, collaboration, advice, management and support.

They are asking for input as to the prioritization of invasive species in our regional district and how they can best assist us in the education and control of invasive species in our area.

They have compiled a list of surveyed invasive species for each of each of their covered regions and have forwarded the Comox Valley Regional District’s to us for our information (link below). They are asking for help with completion of a short survey to assist with the creation of identifying a priority species list that will assist with future action in dealing with invasive species (a link to the survey is also in the link below).

Comox Valley Regional District - Coastal Invasive Species Committee (

The Coastal ICS website contains lots of valuable information on invasive species and has some wonderful photos for identification purposes. The signup for their informative newsletter is also accessed through this website.


good info. If only I could see what they look like. Not all of us are gardeners extraordinaire :slight_smile:

@bowengirl If you are interested :slight_smile: there are some wonderful photos on this site…you just have to dig a little bit for them!

Below is a screenshot of where the photos can be found

And this screenshot below is a sample of what the photos look like. A lot of the plants have more information if you click on individual photos.


thank you. That is a good source. Linda