Clematis wilting

Every year my large flowered clematis varieties succumb to clematis wilt. Does anyone have any experience treating and/or preventing this from happening?

I have the same problem with my Comtesee de Bouchard clematis. There’s a helpful RHS article at Clematis wilt / RHS Gardening . For another take on this, see Also, // .
Not sure if my problem is really clematis wilt, as plant is supposed to die back fairly suddenly and collapse. On mine, leaves just start going brown from bottom up, but plant doesn’t collapse or die. May be phytophthora instead. Still a problem, but hoping for better results this year. Good luck!

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My husband has another Clematis question. The tips of his plant have been eaten by something. He thought it may have slugs or snails, but no sight of either. Any other ideas??