Cathrine Featherby - All About Dahlias

Here is a link to the presentation made by Cathrine at the CVHS General Meeting on March 21, 2022

Cathy - DAHLIAS 101 - 2022 A YEAR GROWING DAHLIAS.pdf - Google Drive

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And we have a newly formed Society here that is having a sale!

More Dahlia sales!:

Vancouver Dahlia Society: April 2, 2022, VanDusen Botanical Garden

Nanaimo Gladiolus and Dahlia Society: April 30, 2022 Country Club Centre, Nanaimo

Nanaimo Gladiolus and Dahlia Society - 2022 Tuber Sale (

Victoria Dahlia Society: List available on April 2, On-Line
Victoria Dahlia Society | Dedicated Dahlia Growers in Victoria BC

From the Victoria Dahlia Society - Info on Waking Up Your Tubers

Cathrine Fetherby wrote a four part series on the Victoria Dahlia Society’s Facebook page on Waking Up Your Tubers. Below is the text from Part 1. Click on the link below and you can scroll through the Facebook page to see the rest of the posts and the photos.

WAKING UP YOUR TUBERS PART 1 of 4 by Cathrine Featherby


It’s that time of year when I check my tubers and see what I have for myself and also to sell at the tuber sale.

For the winter, the tubers were stored in plastic bags with a combination of vermiculite and wood chips, and then enclosed in styrofoam boxes. The bags have two holes for a bit of air circulation.

Everyone needs to work out their own warming start time depending on what they plan to do with their tubers. I start earlier than most. If I plan to pot a tuber it will be left to produce a larger eye before being put back into the cold. Others will be put back into the cold area once eyes are visibly growing but still small. They usually stay just the way they’re put back until I pot them or sell them.

To check the tubers, each bag is opened and the tubers thoroughly checked. The crown area is carefully brushed off with a soft, small, paint brush to remove any debris covering the eyes.

Note the photo with the tuber just coming out of the bag followed by the one with the cleaned crown area. Be gentle as some eyes might already be growing and you don’t want to break them off. They will often produce new eyes from that area but it takes awhile.