Bokashi for composting?

Hi, I am looking into different options for composting and wondering if anyone has used the bokashi process? And, if you have used it, what are the pros and cons? Thanks in advance!

I use it and it works really well. The biggest pro for me is that you can compost meat and grains. The bokashi bran basically pickles the food so that when its time to put the ‘bokashied’ food waste (which is called ‘pre-compost’) into your compost its so alkaline that its unattractive to pests. Also you can keep the bucket in your garage if you have one and the smell is minimal.

Cons are its a bit more trouble than just dumping your food waste into the compost and stirring it around. What I do is use bokashi for just grains and meats and all of the fruit and veg goes directly into the compost.

Not sure if I’ve answered your questions–feel free to ask me anything! This site has some really great info and is where I bought my buckets and bran:


I second what Lorna said. I don’t have a compost pile but we do have organics collection. Bokashi is more work than putting the scraps out for the city to collect, but a big plus for me is that you don’t have to deal with the smells and mess caused by food scraps rotting in bins in between pickups - especially in the summer.