Blackberries - best in years!

This is the best blackberry season we’ve seen in years! So far, after eating our fill fresh, four uses of our foraging efforts:

  1. We put the berries through the finest blade of an old-school food mill, which removes all the seeds. Then freeze the puree in 400 ml batches, to be added to crème anglaise for ice cream in the dark days of winter.
  2. A blackberry apple crisp, using home made granola mixed with a bit of melted butter and brown sugar as the top layer.
  3. Blackberry vinegar, currently quietly sitting on the counter. This year, we blended some rice vinegar and a bit of balsamic with plain white vinegar.
  4. The balance of these super ripe berries went on cookie sheets to freeze, then poured into large containers, again, ready for winter.