Black plastic starters pots

Hello Seeding Starters
Does anyone have any extra 6 pack or 9 pack starter pots? They are thin black plastic and measure 1.5" x 1.5" and 2" deep.

Hi Frank. I’ve got 7 of those kind specifically. Also have lots of other kinds. How many do you need?

Hi Lorna 6 would be great. thx

Hi Frank! We have a lot. I’ll check tomorrow - a fair trade for the enjoyment you gave us with your fig pruning video. Rick (Helmer) and I happy to pass along.

We’ll be heading out your way today (Saturday). I dropped them off just by the fence to the back yard where the apple tree is.

Hi Gael and Rick; Lorna gave me some today but I could probably use a few more if you have lots.
Frank H

Hi Frank, I’ll drop them off today or tomorrow.

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