Bird Feeders, time to put back up for winter?

Hey all, just wondering what the status is in BC for bird feeders after the avian flu warnings last spring? I know birds are starting to look for feeders as winter approaches and I do miss seeing them at my feeders. Anyone know if we can put them back up without risking infection? I clean my feeders regularly and move them around the yard. Thanks!

This is what the Environment Canada website has to say about it:

To minimize the risk of transmission of HPAI, do not handle or feed any wild bird by hand. Feeding encourages wild birds to congregate around food sources and can increase the probability of transmission among wild birds, both within and among species.

The use of bird feeders is still safe but they should be removed from areas that are open to poultry and other domestic animals. If you care for poultry, prevent contact between wild birds and poultry by removing exterior/outdoor sources of food, water and shelter that attract wild birds.

Backyard bird feeders and baths should be cleaned regularly using a solution of 25 millilitres of household bleach (sodium hypochlorite, 5%-6%) and 2 litres of water. Ensure they are well rinsed and dried before re-use.

here is the link to their website. The page was last updated on August 24 of this year (scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the date)

Avian influenza in wild birds -



The Environment Canada information is very useful, and the cleaning information should be followed. The avian flu outbreak has passed, so it is safe to put out your bird feeders. And considering it is winter, if you are putting them out, be sure to continue keeping them stocked throughout the winter. Same with the humming bird feeders - keep them clean, refreshed, and ice free.

We have had our feeders out all summer, cleaning them on a regular basis. For song birds in the summer, it is salmonella that affects them the most. This is a natural epidemic with the birds and it runs its course, much the same as the cycle of rabbits.


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