Best Corn Seeds for a Small Garden?

I would like to sow a few corn plants in my 4’ x 4’ raised beds and see that there are three types: sugar enhanced, super sweet, and triple sweet. Just a little confused as to which type is the best for a small garden.

They’re all darn tasty from the garden but a good rule of thumb is only grow one type unless you want to figure out corn hybrids. Last year I grew Bodacious from Westcoast. I’m doing that one again.

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Thanks! I’ll have to remember for next year. Seeds were scarce this year (and a 45 day backlog at West Coast Seeds!) so I ended up buying Golden Bantam at Art Knapps. Its a West Coast Seeds product “old fashioned heirloom sweet flavour fantastic for fresh eating or freezing on the day it is picked”. We’ll see…fun to try! At least I got the grow-only-one-type rule correct… :slight_smile:

Update. The Bodacious is delicious but it had a tough year with the weather, pollination issues and not enough sun at the right time. Smaller than usual ears, but still very tasty at less than 45 seconds from plant to pot.

I didn’t manage to find Bodacious corn seeds. Was happy to find corn seeds at all, in fact! Ended up planting Golden Bantam from Westcoast seeds. They are a LONG way off from being ready unfortunately. Maybe if we have a nice long sunny September … fingers crossed!