BC Council of Garden Clubs Bulletin

Here is a link to the December 2022 newsletter produced by the BC Council of Garden Clubs (CVHS is a member), It contains some interesting articles plus some lovely photos of purple plants that were submitted from members across BC to help celebrate the continuation of the Canadian Garden Club’s 2023 initiative of keeping the 2022 Year of the Garden going by planting purple flowers.

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The January 2023 newsletter link is below. It contains a very interesting article called ‘Right Plant, Right Place’ written by Allison Forbes of Spirithouse Gardens from the Gibsons Garden Club. She describes her experience with what happens when the ‘right place’ is under threat due to climate change–well worth a read!

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A link to the February 2023 Bulletin is below. Included is an article from Brian Minter on Sustainability in the Garden as well as articles on What is a Woolly Bear Caterpillar? and the Cabbage Butterfly.

A link to the March 2023 BC Council of Garden Clubs’ bulletin is following. It contains articles about the Okanagan Xeriscape Association and the brown elfin butterfly…plus some other interesting tidbits.

Here is a link to the April BC Council of Garden Club’s newsletter. It contains some good information, including articles on:

  • Planet-Friendly Gardening
  • Plants and Pollinating Partners (including a list of suggested native plant species)
  • Grey Hairstreak, Common Hairstreak, Strymon Melinus butterfly

May’s newsletter is hot off the press. Articles include information on:






Here is the June 2023 newsletter:

The July newsletter is available. Included are articles on:

Favourite trees
Lorquin’s Admiral butterfly
Duetzia Rose

The August newsletter is hot off the press. Included is some great information on how to garden in drought conditions as well as how to tell the difference between a helenium, a heliopsis and a helianthus…along with some lovely photos.

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September’s bulletin is now available. It includes some great articles:

How to introduce whimsey in your garden (with photos including one from our own CVHS member Veronica Wills)

Climate Resistant Plant Strategies Essential in a Drought, from the Okanagan Xeriscape Association

Floral Art - What Is It? (including some lovely photos)

Qualicum Beach Community Garden Children’s Program

Falling in Love with Collarette Dahlias, from the Vancouver Dahlia Society

Woodland Skipper Butterfly, from the Vancouver Master Gardeners

Coming to Term with Weeds, from the South Surrey Garden Club


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October’s bulletin is now available here:

To read the November bulletin, including an article about the Red Admiral butterfly, please click below.

The December bulletin is hot off the press. It contains some lovely winter garden photos, a link to a CBC Radio interview with Stephen Quinn on how to prepare your garden for winter, and articles on “Plant Labels Demystified” and the "Satyr Comma Butterfly. Link below:

In the January 2024 Issue…

  • $80 For 80 Years For The Scholarship Fund – Over $13,989 Collected In 2023!!
  • New Garden In My Future By Judie Steeves
  • North Surrey Horticultural Society Celebrating 85 Years!
  • 2024 – Hello Orange!
  • 2024 Trends In The Garden

The February bulletin is out… included are articles on the following:

  • Interesting history of Luther Burbank, who left a legacy concerning the potato, a daisy and the Himalayan Blackberry.

  • Winter berries-guelder rose and sea buckthorn

  • Stumpery Gardens

  • Western Pine Elfin Butterfly

  • Some sumptuous photos of roses from Brenda Viney, a life member of the Vancouver Rose Society…all in shades of orange, which is the Communities in Bloom colour of 2024 (and also similar to the 2024 Pantone colour called “Peach Fuzz”.

To read The Bulletin online, click below:

March 2024’s bulletin is full of great information including:

Some fabulous photos of the World Association of Floral Artists, celebrated in Muscat, Oman. The President of the Canadian Western Association of Floral Clubs attended.

Details on the ‘Pin the Map’ challenge, part of the ‘Pollinators’ Best Hope: A New Approach to Pollinator Habitat that Starts in Your Yard’

Article: ‘RoofTop Garden’ from a member of the Seed to Sky Garden Club

Article: Rosner’s Hairstreak Butterfly from a Master Gardener

Link to an article from our very own CVHS volunteer Janelle Gardner: ‘A Bird-Friendly Garden at MARS Visitor Centre’

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April’s bulletin is out and contains some great stuff, including information on:

Invasive Purple Dead-Nettle:
Garden Ecology 101
Plant Tagging using Recycled Materials
Plain Ringlet Butterfly

In May 2024’s Bulletin:

  • Excellent Ground Cover Or Weed?
  • Floral Art Displays From Our Spring AGM
  • Canadian Western Association Of Floral Arts Clubs Annual General Meeting Flower Show & Demonstration
  • Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
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