Bartlett Pears harvest time

Wondering. when Bartlett pears should be picked?my tree is growing in Comox.

Pears should usually be picked before ripe on the tree. If you pull up on the pear against the stem and it snaps off easily, then it can be picked. Many pears need curing in the fridge (chilled) for a number of weeks before setting out on the counter or wherever to ripen. Pears picked too late will often have brown centres. Pears not cured/chilled will often shrivel hard and not ripen.

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Hi Connie:
I used to wait until they had at least started to turn a bit yellow, but have picked them earlier this year. One of my fruit books says “always harvest pears when they have reached full size but are still green and firm”. I started picking them when they began to fall, and they are ripening nicely in the basement. As I’m sure you know, pears ripen from inside, so if you wait until they’re yellow outside, they’ll be too far gone. (I am in Comox too.)

Thank you. Only have 6 pears on a tree that was planted when we first built our home. That is the most it has ever produced. Otherwise it is healthy. :thinking:

Thanks. I didnt know about the chilling time.