August Delights

I love when the garden reaches that stage when there is a bit of everything to choose from. Today’s selection includes: collards (Champion), kale (Rainbow Lacinato, ), cucumbers (Market More, Tasty Green), parsnips (Gladiator), sweet peppers (Carmen, Hungarian Cheese), hot peppers (Black Hungarian, Filius Blue), tomatoes (Pink Bumblebee, Purple Bumblebee, Black Cherry), watermelon (Black Beauty), blueberries and cherry-hybrid plums. The watermelon is about 4 pounds and perfect for one or two people to enjoy. This is the first year that we have harvested the cherry plums from the two-year-old tree. They are fantastic! They look like an oversized cherry (you can see one directly below the watermelon), and truly have a taste of both a cherry and plum.


Beautiful photo, Linda. So many luscious colours and textures, it makes one’s mouth water.