Any advice about greenhouse fans?

Just wondering if anyone has any advice about greenhouse fans. I’m thinking to add one to our greenhouse for the summer months to help with the heat. Solar powered perhaps? Anyone have any experience?

My experience related to greenhouse fans is more the ‘what not to do’ type. We thought that a large, regular fan would do the trick. We placed it at the back of the greenhouse facing out and blowing full force. I don’t think it accomplished much of anything, especially last summer.

We realize now that we will have to invest in a greenhouse fan that can fully exchange the air in the greenhouse every few minutes. From my reading, I understand that a 8 x 12 greenhouse needs a 10" low-volume fan that can draw 690 cu. ft of air per minute. Since our green house is 12 x 20, we will get a 14" fan that will exchange a larger volume. We’ll place it high at the back of the greenhouse and set the thermostat such that the fan will come on when the temperature reaches 30 degrees or so. I understand that we will also have to install two intake shutters to ensure that we have sufficient incoming air flow.

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I hadn’t thought of a solar powered fan. That would be a good find!

Thanks Linda, that’s great information.