African Violet - 2024 Houseplant of the Year

The National Garden Bureau has named the African violet as its houseplant of the year for 2024. And no wonder. Some reasons to grow this easy care, rewarding plant are:

• African violets have been known to live for as long as 50 years.
• With the right care, African violets will bloom nearly all year round.
• There are few other plants that flower as well in low-light conditions as the African violet.

Following these few ground rules should provide you with beautiful blooms for many years:

• Don’t overwater. The easiest way to provide water is to set the pot in a bowl of room-temperature water, 1-inch deep when the plant is dry (try once a week).
• Provide enough light but not too much. This usually can be provided by placing the plant in windows with bright light but no direct sunlight.
• Maintain room temperature between18C and 21C. Day temperatures can be 10 degrees warmer. Higher humidity is also a bonus (making African violets an excellent choice for a bathroom plant).

For lots more information, see ‘Violets 101’ here:

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