Advice on Wasp Nest

Wasps took over a little hanging bird house. Should I leave them alone (because they are polinators?) or get rid of them? They have not bothered me even though I walk fairly close to them. If I should get rid of them (easy to do since the bird house is suspended from a hook and is very accessible), does anyone know someone I could hire to do it?

I would get rid of them for 2 reasons (assuming they are not paper wasps):

  1. They kill honey bees: they attack the hive in late summer, fall, looking for protein ( like looking for your salmon) and will kill an entire bee colony. We have bees and have bee friends who lost hives
  2. There will be lots more of them in August and they will make eating outside a very unpleasant thing

I would eliminate them sooner than later, and do it after dark

Thank you for your advice. I do not have protective equipment and am reluctant to do it myself. Looking for someone I can hire to do it.

I can’t help you, but I must say that you have to admire the beauty of the hive.

Actually it is still expanding and becoming rather ragged looking. Those guys sure are busy “bees”.

Do you have a (very) long pole you or a neighbour could use to hook and lower the whole thing in to a bucket of water? Might not kill all that many wasps but maybe you could at least get them to abandon the nest. Or maybe call these guys?

Thanks for the suggestion Jono. I phoned VI Pest Control and they took the nest.

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