Acer ‘Sango-Kaku’

When I bought this as a 2” tall seedling for 50
Cents at the CVHS spring plant sale some years ago, it became the focus of my attention from its infant stage to the 4 foot tall beauty it is today. Potting and repotting into slightly larger pots and containers every year until I found it a home in my garden this spring. Maintaining its beautiful red trunk and branches throughout the winter, it gifts me with magenta foliage edged with red each spring and dizzying shades of yellows, pinks, golds and reds through summer and fall. It was the best 50 cents I ever spent on a plant!
My photo does not do it justice!


Just a suggestion… removing some of the plantings closest to the Acer will show off it’s form better, make it a ‘star’ in your garden :-).


YES! Thanks Cathy … a renovation is due!