About the Summer 2020: Garden Edibles category

This category is for entries for Event #3 (Aug 9 to 22) of the Summer 2020 “Bringing the Gardens to our Members” contest.


To enter, create a new topic in this category and follow the instructions in the template. You’ll need to submit a photo (does not have to be a recent photo, but has to be one you took of your creation) of your favourite or most representative example of the subject from your garden, along with a brief written explanation as to why you are making the nomination.

Members will have one week to submit their entries (entries will only be accepted during the first week of each event). Members may enter as often as they wish.


The second week will be for all members to vote on each entry to determine a winner and a runner-up, based on the photo and the write up. Members can vote by clicking the :heart: button found at the bottom of each entry.


Winners of each event will receive a $50 gift certificate from a local nursery. The runner-up of each event will receive a $25 gift certificate from a local nursery. In the event of a tie, a non-participating Forum team member will make the final decision.

To the creator of this software a huge BEEF.
I just created an entry on behalf of my wife who got so frustrated trying to navigate this user unfriendly program. I no sooner got the entry completed and uploaded (after several tries myself), when I decided I needed and edit…Rather than getting an edit I managed to delete the whole ******* entry. NOW I AM MORE FRUSTRATED THAT MY WIFE.