About the Buy / Sell / Trade category

Sell, trade or give away gardening related items (plants, tools, books etc.). Or let us know what you’re looking for!

Posting a topic

  • Posts should have something to do with gardening.
  • If selling an item please include a price (or label ‘Free’ or ‘Make an offer’).
  • If you’re looking for something you can prefix your topic title with ‘ISO’ which stands for ‘In Search Of’
  • Include a picture of your item if possible
  • Nothing illegal please

Private messaging

  • Please note that replies on forum topics are public.
  • You can PM (Private Message) forum users by clicking their photo and then clicking the blue ‘Message’ button that appears. You can use this feature to privately discuss items and/or share your contact details.

After the sale

  • When your item is sold (or given away / found etc.) please use the blue ‘Sold’ button at the top of your topic to mark your item as sold. This lets moderators know we can remove your topic and informs other users that the topic is no longer relevant.

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