A native tree I need help to identify

This small tree is growing at the bottom of our driveway, near the powerlines so we’ve had to keep it short. It has some wicked prickles on it, showing at the base of leaves where they attach to the stem. It’s a native tree of some kind, and I can’t figure out what it is even after consulting with Plants of Coastal British Columbia, Western Trees field guide, and a Photographic Guide of Trees of North America.

Any help to ID it would be most appreciated!

Looks like a hawthorn to me. Google BC Hawthorn

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Does it get fruit? Little sour clumps? Pacific Crabapple.

My plant identifier states Oregon Crabapple (Pacific Crabapple).

I agree that it looks similar, but I don’t think that the Pacific Crabapple has the thorns that this tree has.

Due to the hard pruning we gave it this spring, it doesn’t have any fruits on it this year. I’ll keep an eye on it next year. As I recall it does have the clusters of little white flowers but I can’t remember what sort (if any) fruits it has. I think it must be the BC Hawthorn, perhaps the Black Hawthorn. After I did a search for it (thanks @Greenthumbgranny for that suggestion) I see the same thorns on it and the leaves look exactly the same too!

Thanks for all the suggestions/replies!