2024 - What’s Happening in Your Garden?

Would anyone like to share what’s blooming, or starting to sprout, or is doing some further growing now that we’re receiving more daylight?

If we upload photos here in this 2024 post, we’ll have an interesting record, for future years, of how the weather has affected our gardens.

To upload a photo/photos, type your reply and place your cursor where you’d like the photo to be inserted. Then click on the icon just above your text that looks like a little mountain in a box. Follow the prompts and your photo/s should be inserted.

I have a few things popping up…,excited that the season has begun! Clockwise from top left: Heather, crocus, iris reticulata, chives, cabbage, daylily, garlic, snowdrops.

Would love to see what’s happening in other folks’ gardens!

Note: I think there was an update to the Forum software - the insert photo button appears to be on the bottom right of my iPad now.


Here are a few of our garden blooms:

Crocus 3 Feb 2024


Crocus 6 Feb 2024

Pink Dawn Vibernum 2 Feb 2024
Pink Dawn Viburnum
Witchhazel 1 Feb 2024
Witch Hazel



I have two Haskap shrubs (Loniceria caerulea). The plants cross-pollinate, so the nursery fortunately sold them as a pair. Now one plant is blooming but the other one just has flower buds. Given the weather and lack of pollinators, berry production may not happen this year. In Alberta, according to the growing guide I have, these plants usually bloom in early May.